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A second home in Greece?

A second home in Greece?

A second home in Greece?

17 October, 2022

Dreaming of  somewhere else under better climate is deeply rooted in everyone’mind  and then the coveted place  rises up as many desires and projects as there are people. It is certain that, since childhood, the little home that will be house our joys and our secrets is interpreted as the key to safe and comfortable happiness. Who has not already mentioned the lodge in Canada, the blue house on the hill, the waterside house  and sometimes suffered from the illusion of  castles in Spain?

If there is a country where the dream of an exotic elsewhere can become possible, Greece is certainly that one.

Leaving the city of your daily life, taking a plane and being, a few hours later, on your terrace, under the sun, in front of the blue sea or facing a landscape shaped by the centuries since Antiquity everywhere visible by its vestiges, is  the top of the ordinary search for happiness on a daily basis. Isn’t it ??

This happiness has many names, but they are condensed into one, which is "Secondary residence".

Finding the Grail is, in Greece, within everyone's reach, if you build your project well with simplicity and pragmatism.

The fundamental point consists in registering this project in the guideline of your way of life, your needs as well as your means.

Nothing would be more risky than to give in to the thoughtless crush in front of this little house, planted in the middle of a breathtaking landscape, which beckoned you last summer with its little poster "For sale" which floated limply in the balmy morning air.

A host of questions must find a precise answer. Thus, it is necessary to know who the seller is and the legitimacy he holds on the property. This point is obvious from France, but it is not always so clear in Greece. 

Is this small isolated house connected to the sanitation network, to the drinking water system? Indeed, the sanitation network is not always available in such isolated areas. This is why it is still not recommended to drink tap water in some islands, for example. On an island like Kea, many houses outside villages are supplied by water tanks, which can be a problem. It is therefore necessary to assess the feasibility of your project and its budgetary viability according to the property you covet.

You will also have to think about the location according to your wishes and  way of life, depending on whether you are alone, whether you have children and according to your age. For older people, it will be more clever to limit your search to an area located at a reasonable distance from healthcare facilities. If the family includes children, you must be sure that the place chosen will be compatible with your dear little ones on the path that will lead them from childhood to their teenage years.

If you like the sea, and like also the mountains, you can go to certain areas of Greece where, until spring, you will go skiing in the morning and, quite naturally, swim in delightfull blue sea waters in the afternoon.

Greece offers so many possibilities that you can design your project ad infinitum by staying in the great classic of the seaside or insularity, until exploring original and atypical facets.

To paraphrase Georges Brassens, when it comes to second homes, we would say of Greece: “Everything is good there, there is nothing to throw away”.

BUT - because there is a "but" - spontaneous projects, unrealistic dreams, risky partnerships with unofficial salespeople, poor sizing of projects and ignorance of places can quickly make you go from dream to nightmare.

It is necessary to define your desires in accordance with your means and to have the proposal of property evaluated, in this context, by a professional who will be able to detect and thwart all the traps  you could fall into by ignorance. Your secondary residence will  probably be  at thousand kilometers from your ordinary place of residence. You will not be able to be on site at the slightest alert or any slightest problem. It is also for this reason that you will need to choose a good professional who will protect you, in the present, and in the future, from worries, whether small or large.

A good professional will also be able, after having exchanged with you and identified your personality and your desires, to offer you particular geographical sectors and reliable goods that he has in his catalog. It may also happen that you are invited to enrich your approach by asking the real estate professional to find one or more opportunities for you.

Additional management services can even be offered to you if you want to rent your second home when you are not there, which obviously improves the economic model of the project.

If your ambitions goes towards the direction of the islands, you should know that each of them has its particularities and its way of being. It is on the basis of this observation that we have decided, at Mobilia Real Estate, to assign specialized sales representatives to the islands in order to offer a sharp service to our customers.

After all that we had pleasure to detail in this little article, all that remains is for us to invite you to secretly go to the hollow of your dreams of a second home in Greece. If this is your desire, we will guide you there until the door opens on a reality that you will continue to live  in a day dream. This is what we want and, if you agree, we will use all our energy so that you can taste, finally at home, all the sweetness of life in Greece, a country blessed by the gods where men are the children of the sun. 



Photo by Alexandre Chambon on Unsplash