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Buy a house in Greece and acquire residency for five years!

Buy a house in Greece and acquire residency for five years!

Buy a house in Greece and acquire residency for five years!

4 October, 2013

The idea of owning a home in Greece is no longer just a pipe dream, whether one is thinking of buying a summer house on an island, a home in the Peloponnese, or even if one hopes to buy an apartment in the capital, or along the beaches along the southern coast, one can find many villas with private gardens and swimming pools as well as flats with views of the sea or even along the seashore. The prices, of course, vary according to the quality of construction and the age of the structure but in any case the purchase of property in Greece is extremely advantageous. Due to the present economic crisis that has enveloped the country, homeowners are frequently dropping their prices, as much as half and in some cases, even lower.  Compared to other countries along the Mediterranean, Greece has remained traditionally authentic, and is also surely one of the safest places to live.  More and more measures are being passed as well to protect the environment and architectural aesthetics.

One can surely obtain beautiful plots of land and/or property at the edge of the sea, on the islands, in the Peloponnese as well as on the mainland at reasonable prices: Greece 16.000 kilometers of seashore, 6.000 islands and 190.000 beaches!

Of course, a qualified lawyer would ensure that all legal documents are in order and act in your interest, and you are ready to acquire property in beautiful Greece!

In order to purchase property, if you are a citizen of the European Union, you only need to open a bank account at a bank operating in Greece and obtain a Greek tax number. For those who come from countries outside the European Union, the purchase of property at a price of 250.000 euros or more allows the buyer and his/her entire family to acquire residency for five years, automatically renewed for five years as long as they own the property. This is not a work permit, however.  The residence permit allows the holder to reside in Greece, and to travel without a visa to and from other European Union countries (within the Schengen zone) with just their passport.

At a distance of less than four hours from most European capitals and those along the Mediterranean and North Africa,  residence in Greece offers an incomparable quality of life, safety, 300 days of sunshine, clear turquoise waters and a warm hospitable atmosphere.