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Kythnos: The Forgotten Island

There still remains in Greece, in the Cyclades, an island far removed from the world of tourism: this island is called Kythnos.
Kythnos is an island of 100 km2, accessible from the port of Piraeus almost daily in 3 hours and from the port of Lavrion in 2 hours.
The port of Lavrion is a 40-minute drive from Athens International Airport.
Kythnos island lies behind the island of Kea, which itself is basically known to the Greeks but has little wider tourism.
Kythnos has just 1500 permanent residents. It is a quiet and authentic island, faithful to its traditions, which has kept its rural character despite its relative proximity to the capital.
Kythnos is a dry and rocky island. Its spring waters have been renowned for their healing power since antiquity. People of the mainland and the neighboring islands came to the hot springs of the island to be healed of various diseases.
There is a wide variety of things to do: relaxing by the sea, hiking in the beautiful scenery, and a pretty strong nightlife, not to mention the many taverns that often offer stews of their own products.
Even though the landscape is practically without vegetation, the locals live by cultivating olive trees and vines. The island is somewhat different from the other Cycladic islands, since its architecture is very varied, and parts of the villages are quite modern. The island has a generous coast, rich in both sandy beaches, and pebble-covered coves. There is something for everyone.
The most impressive beach is certainly Kolona, as it is actually a sandy strip connecting the islet of Agios Loukas to the rest of Kythnos.
But Kythnos also has many small and medium-sized beaches located in each bay of the island, thus forming small picturesque gulfs with crystal clear waters, lined with small trees to provide some shade.
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The typical Cycladic landscape, authenticity and atmosphere of the villages off the beaten path will appeal to lovers of Greece in search of an island far removed from mass tourism.