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9 important points before renting an apartment in Greece

What to look out for during your visit to a property you want to rent:
1. Find out about the start date of the rental and its duration.
2. Check the distance from points of interest (schools, shops, transport)
3. Get clarification on the amount of shared expenses.
4. It is important to know if the heating of the property is done with oil, gas, air conditioners or radiators as well as if it is autonomous or central (if it is central who decides on the heating hours)
5. Pay attention to the general condition of the property. The entrance, the elevator, and the staircase are indicative.
6. Examine both the interior layout and the frames (there are double glazing) and the orientation of the apartment (the ideal orientation is when the living room where we spend most of our time looks south or southeast to be sunny.)
7. If the apartment is furnished, clarify what exactly the rent includes (some owners include the cost of internet and electricity and water bills in the rent). Also make it clear which furniture and appliances will remain.
8. If it is a detached house with a garden, ask the owner if there are any garden tools at your disposal, otherwise you will have to buy them.
9. And finally, point out your strengths, those that will convince the owner to choose you as a tenant (profession, job, etc.)