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Complete property management service in Athens

Rental costs, rent management, property costs, property tax, management and maintenance costs quickly become a headache. Many owners are unprepared or do not have the real knowledge and time to become successful managers of their property.
In this context, MOBILIA undertook to expand its services by offering a comprehensive rental management service.
The cost of the services offered is perfectly reasonable and incomparably profitable for owners who will not have to bear, in case of a problem, legal costs in a rather complicated Greek system, the translation costs for those who do not speak Greek and so many unpleasant surprises.
The services offered by MOBILIA property management (
Receipt of rents and utilities
Assistance in determining the rent and checking the rent
Tips for choosing tenants and evaluating guarantees
Legal and administrative procedures
Recording the condition of the property at the entrance and exit of the tenant
Compilation and signing of the lease
Monitoring of any work and assistance in the selection of contractors
Legal assistance
Monitoring civil liability in case of disaster
It is therefore a series of services necessary for your peace of mind that is offered to the customers of MOBILIA real estate management.
The MOBILIA team consists of experienced professionals, with clients from abroad and has language skills in French, English, Russian.
Real estate management MOBILIA is the right toolbox to meet all the needs of landlords in terms of rental management.